SAVOUR 2014 – Come Celebrate the Delicious

SAVOUR 2014 – Come Celebrate the Delicious

Photo: SAVOUR 2013

Singapore’s largest gourmet food festival, SAVOUR, returns once again with its trademark mix of Michelin-starred chefs, award-winning restaurants and culinary activities all housed in one uniquely curated space. Held from 5th – 9th March, SAVOUR 2014 promises another year of exciting gourmet activities in a brand new location – The Promontory.

This year stars will include local stalwarts such as Bruno Menard of La Cantine, Julien Royer of Jaan, and Emmanuel Stroobant of Saint Pierre. International celebrity chefs making their appearance at SAVOUR 2014 include Michael Caines (2 Michelin stars) and Henrik Yde (1 Michelin Star), as well as new movers and shakers in the culinary word such as James Knappet (Kitchen Table) and Mark Sargeant (Rocksalt). SAVOUR 2014 will see 20 restaurants with over 50 signature dishes ranging from $6 to $18.

The SAVOUR event space will also be re-designed to create a rustic village feel, with the restaurants interspersed admist feature bars, cafes, bakeries and dessert shops. The Gourmet Market will also see a revamp, where attendees can experience live filleting of large sea catches, over 100 variants of cheese and partake in an international selection of wines.

Tickets are available at SISTIC from $45, with a credit of $30 to spend at the event. Lunch time pick-up services will be available during lunch sessions from 6th – 9th at 2 locations – Former OUB Centre, 1 Raffles Place, and Swissotel The Stamford, 2 Stamford Road.


Raised by a family of food lovers, Saunders developed his acute palate taste at a very young age. Armed with his camera, he is always on the hunt for new dining places. Saunders is adventurous in trying new food, and believes the waistline is a good reflection of prosperity. When asked, he describes a respectable restaurant as a place that not only serves good food, but also complemented with good ambience and service. “When it comes to food, it’s all in the packaging”

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