Giveaway: The Ascot Vouchers

Giveaway: The Ascot Vouchers

The Ascot The Grandstand - English Gastropub Restaurant - A Bunch of Bangers

Six&Seven visited The Ascot and we liked it (check out our review). Located at The Grandstand, the rustic gastropub is one of the latest to join the ranks of restaurants there, and serves up some up some authentic and hearty English cuisine.

Now, here’s a chance to win one of the 5 $40 vouchers—with enough to spare even after a round of the Smoked Tomato Soup and A Bunch of Bangers that we thoroughly enjoyed—we have up for grabs!

Do the following 3 simple steps to qualify for the draw:

1. ‘Like’ the Six&Seven and The Ascot Facebook pages, if you haven’t already.
2. Share this giveaway post on your Facebook wall (set privacy settings to ‘Public’ for tracking purposes).
3. Leave a comment on this giveaway post below (remember to leave your name) OR on our Facebook page.


2 lucky winners will be chosen at the end of this week (April 21st), and 3 winners chosen at the end of the following week (April 28th). Winners will be announced on our Facebook page.

All the best to you readers!


What started out as just something fun for Jasper has developed into a passion for food over the years. Always having weird urges to take pictures of other diners’ food, he is used to being forcefully restrained by dining companions, but has yet to have security called on him. Jasper is open to all sorts of cuisines and dishes, and is always on the lookout for a good meal or deal. To him, an ideal restaurant is one that combines good food, friendly service and a warm ambience. "Food is all about the dining experience."

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  1. very delicious and economical, must try to believe

  2. Lin Jinghong
  3. Samantha Ch'ng

    like and shared!

  4. Pamela Ong

    Thanks. Yay, last step for the giveaway and I’m ready for the vouchers! ;)

  5. Anonymous

    susan song

  6. Umi Solikah

    Done with all the steps hoping to win the voucher,yum yum love to try that yummy yummy food,plus 27 April is my loved one birthday so we can go there and have nice yummy food,thank you (Umi Solikah )

  7. Tony Ong

    Look delicious.

  8. Looks extremely delicious!!

  9. Joy Sung :)

  10. Tay Lucy

    It looks so yummy. Let me try it.

  11. Shared on FB, yum yum i want to go eat

  12. Shirlii Lim


  13. shared!!

  14. Sounds interesting :) Good chance for me to check it out & share this foodies & goodies with my friends and public. Hope to win it so I can take more photos & give my comments!

  15. Muhammad Irman

    A chance for me to win! Looks interesting but I’ll bet it’ll taste wonderful! = ))

  16. Yes I want to win a treat from The Ascot!

  17. edwin

    the food looks amazing!!

  18. elaine

    would love to have this treat!!

  19. Denise Tan

    Can’t wait already!!!

  20. Shirley Ho

    Lives a hearty English cuisine and just in time for a special occasion! <3

  21. Would love to try dining at The Ascot!

  22. Hope I win!

  23. Photo always spell a thousand tastes….
    I leave it to you to decide. Picking up food is much easier than picking up a winner. :)

  24. Would love to win a treat~!

  25. heard a lot about the food here.. time to check it out

  26. Missy Grace L

    I’m hungry already

  27. Throwing my hat in for the noms.

    -Nigel Teo

  28. Majella Tay

    Always sharing stuff, when am I ever going to win something ): Please make it this time? (:

  29. Quek Ch

    Hope to celebrate my birthday there.

  30. Gerald Ong

    eh i also, Gerald Ong

  31. Su Leng

    DONE all the steps! :)

  32. Chew Jo Hui

    Just one picture from your post made me so hungry, really wanna try the dishes there! :D

  33. Tan Tian Ling

    Liked and shared! I would like to bring my loved ones for this yummy treat! (:

  34. Just had dinner, now I want to have dinner again.

  35. Wanna try it!

  36. Jane Ng :D

  37. shenny

    gosh! seems so delicious and it will be a pity not to try!!!

  38. Chow Zhi Ying


  39. Seet Wen Hao

    This is one meal I WONT WANT TO MISS!!!

  40. Hope to be the lucky five to the voucher

  41. Sharin Chia

    delectable delights make one heavenly

    sharin chia

  42. Anonymous

    Like and Shared

    Cheers, Chee Lin

  43. Liked & Shared the good buzz on Facebook too :p~

  44. All Steps Done.
    Hope to win & dine with my mummy to celebrate Mother’s Day :)

  45. Kelvin Kan

    Hope I win this

  46. valerian

    awesome man. i love it ttm!

  47. Lynette

    cant wait to try!!! hehe

  48. chin oi lin

    liked n shared. Looks yummy could like to have this honour to try this mouth watering dish. chin oi lin

  49. Bebe Lee

    want to bring my mother there.

  50. Winston Teo

    Can’t wait to check this out !

  51. Hoping to taste good food from The Ascot! :)

  52. Vincent Koh

    Delicious yummmy yummy! Hope to have a chance to eat such delicious food! Bon Appetit!! :)

  53. i want! i want! i want! yummm…..

  54. missy essy

    liked and shared :)

  55. I’m excited to try The Ascot!! The Deep Fried Mars Bars look divineeeee <3

    Frances Lorraine Ang

  56. Ng Keck Seng

    Liked and shared to all my frens :)

  57. Thanks for sharing great food thru your blog n FB!
    Great food are meant to be shared.. I have liked n shared the pages n link..

    Hope I can be the lucky one to try out e great food u recommend..

  58. Sophia Ang

    Love to try yummy English food!

  59. craving for some good old English food~ :D

  60. Entered

  61. Qiyan

    Would really like to try my first english food! :)

  62. liked and shared!! looks delicious!!

  63. Chow Wing Yan

    Shared! Chow Wing Yan

  64. Olivia

    Looking forward to trying the smoked tomato soup!!! -Olivia :)

  65. Jane tan

    Shared! I hope I win. :)

  66. Chin Ming

    Liked and shared.

  67. Pei Chwen

    Have Liked & Shared.

  68. Paul

    I am already drooling while liking, sharing and commenting.

  69. Evelyn Chin

    liked & shared .. yummy . Dishes that can’t miss .. :)

  70. Angeline Tan May Fong

    i really want to try this!!!! please let me win!!! have liked and shared and commented on facebook :)

  71. Iris Ong

    Liked & Shared :)

  72. Audrey Koh

    Liked n shared. Hope to win this to dine at The Ascot! Simply scriumptious! True good food!:)

  73. Chin Ting

    Thanks for the giveaway guys!

  74. would like to win, thanks!

  75. Great giveaway! like and shared! :0

  76. Koh Gui Ru
    Liked & Shared.

  77. hope can get it for my gf!

  78. The Ascot got a well-stocked bar too!

    Oscar Chee

  79. Chua EK

    Yummy.. Thanks for sharing!
    Chua EK

  80. fu qizhuang

    Liked and shared! Name: Fu Qizhuang

  81. liked & shared.
    Yeong Beng Tan

  82. Tang Xiaowen

    Liked and shared! Name: Xiaowen Tang

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  84. liked and shared

  85. Wei Chen

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    Cheers :)

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