Review: 10 SCOTTS @ Grand Hyatt Singapore – After 6, New ‘High Tea’ Evening Buffet

Review: 10 SCOTTS @ Grand Hyatt Singapore – After 6, New ‘High Tea’ Evening Buffet

Religious dieters swear by smaller meals over dinner. And if you’re planning a night of painting the town red, the last thing you want is to hit the clubs with a full tummy. 10 SCOTTS at Grand Hyatt Singapore has recently launched a new dining concept titled After 6 @ 10 SCOTTS, which is perfect for nights like these.

The luscious contemporary interior of 10 SCOTTS creates an elegant oasis. Conceptualized to the likes of a living room, the space makes you feel right at home. Coupled with cocktails and free flow of house pours, which includes one of Six&Seven’s favourite – Cloudy Bay, there is no better way to enjoy a “high” tea.

Similar to high tea, the evening buffet comes with a 2-tiered tray of hors d’oeuvres that include liver paté and prosciutto ham. There is also a selection of crab cakes, and curry puffs to suit the more Asian palate.

For those with a sweet tooth, After 6’s wide selection of desserts is sure to give you a sugar high. From macaroons that give Canele a run for their money, to petit apple crumbles, there is enough sweet treats to entertain your fancy. Don’t be afraid to explore behind the counter, as that is where the various ice cream served in cute jars are stored.

Apart from the typical high tea range of food, what makes After 6 different is that it serves up 3 main courses daily, and it rotates between Chinese, Malay or Indian cuisines. The chicken curry had an interesting peanut blend to it, lying somewhere between your traditional curry and satay sauce.

After 6 proves a great dinner concept to unwind, without being too overindulgent. The portions are enough to keep you satiated, with enough space to guzzle down that bottle of Cloudy Bay. With the relaxed “living room” atmosphere that 10 SCOTTS has created, there is certainly no place like home.

The After 6 Evening buffet is priced at $38++, or $68++ with free flow house pour wines and draught beers.
Note: This was an invited tasting.


Lobby, Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211

Tel: 6732 1234


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