Six&Seven supports World Aids Day

Six&Seven supports World Aids Day

PS. Cafe Ang Siang Hill, in conjunction with Action For Aids (AFA) supports World Aids Day 2011 in its weekly Truffle Thursday. Six & Seven was there too to lend our support for this event.

Who could pass up Champagne for a worthy cause? $5 from every glass and $30 from every bottle of Veuve Clicquot would go towards AFA in their cause to help persons living with HIV.

There was also a raffle ticket draw. Priced at $10 each, all proceeds from sales would go towards AFA. Six&Seven was hoping  to win (why didn’t they call 0048?) but I guess we maxed out our luck quota for the year at the Mandarin Orchard – Christmas Lunch Party.

While we may not have won the lucky draw, it was no reason why we should not celebrate this event with some Veuve.

We were glad to see many who turned up for the event. Nice pin there, Dr. Martin! =)

AFA is a charity organization established in 1988 to help and support people living with HIV and AIDS. They also aim to increase awareness of HIV and AIDS through education, and to fight discrimination against victims of the virus.

Do lend your support to AFA =) To find out how you can volunteer at AFA, please visit their website for more details!

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